Hey there! My name is Levi Gunderson. I’m a husband and a father, based in the Boise, Idaho area. I love hiking, cooking, eatin’ pizza, writing, and hanging out with my family. I’ve always had a passion and interest for anything and everything involving videos and filmmaking. When I was about 8 years old, I was introduced to a short film my uncle had made in college and was astounded that he was capable of making something so cool on his own - thus, the magical world of making movies quickly became something I wanted to pursue. Not long after, I was given a tripod as a gift and would snag my parents’ camcorder any chance I got. 

Many of their home videos were sprinkled with segments of my short videos and skits, making for some great surprises upon rewatching. I loved filming myself, whether it was with puppetry, claymation, or silly short stories, I found my WHY. Over the years, I’ve integrated my video knowledge as I went through high school and took a couple years of Broadcasting and even through college at Idaho State University, where I continued to build on those skills and learn so much more. I started getting more of an eye for video creation in general, which shots to get, how to direct actors, and how to engage an audience. Being able to use my creativity to help others and their vision has been such a blessing and it’s something I hope to continue as long as I can.

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